I.T Communications started offering VoiP Services in 2009. Working with 3CX Phone System since version 9 and now in addition to 3CX offer our own, Hosted PBX. Soft-Switch PBX


      I.T Communications will pay you monthly commission for referring customers to us. More Info


      I.T Communications runs it’s own VoIP Network.  This ensures we can provide a stable service and be in full control of the network. More info


      I.T Communications provides a range of Internet Access Services from ADSL, FTTC, FTTP and Fibre Leased Lines. Getting Internet access from I.T Communications means we can better support you in the event of a issue as we are then able to see the full picture as to what could be causing your issues.


      I.T Communications provides two Hosted Phone Systems. 3CX PBX and Soft-Switch PBX

      We can recommend the correct PBX to meet your needs.


      I.T Communications has been allocated 604 telephone number prefixes from UK Regulator OFCOM. This enables I.T Communications to allocate phone numbers to customers from its OFCOM allocations and provide customers with a choice of numbers.

      Christmas 2019 and New Year Opening Hours美国确诊超93万例

      Christmas 2019 and New Year Opening Hours We will close on Friday 20th December at 17:00 for the Christmas period and will reopen on Monday...Read More

      New Soft-Switch Cluster Now Live变身特工

      We are pleased to confirm an additional Soft-Switch Cluster “CL3” is now live. The additional cluster was setup to meet the growing demand of the...Read More

      Upgrading 3CX to V16 – Please Read非你莫属

      If you are upgrading to 3CX Version 16.X from a previous version. Please read this as you could be affected. There is a bug in...Read More

      I.T Communications Awarded 3CX Platinum Partner王俊凯

      I.T Communications promoted to 3CX Platinum Partner level following a increase in business....Read More

      Openreach SOGEA Standalone Broadband Starts Early Market Rollout大咖的青年照

      Openreach (BT) has confirmed that their new Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA / SOGFast) product, which enables consumers to buy a standalone FTTC “fibre broadband” (VDSL2 or...Read More

      Website Update爱情保卫战

      We have redesigned parts of the our website to improve the layouts on many of the pages. Soft-Swich PBX pricing reviewed and Standard Edition is...Read More

      London Area Codes大众

      There is a common misconception that London had two area codes, 0207 and 0208, and then 0203 was added. As a result, there’s a perceived...Read More


      Get a dedicated Fibre Leased Line from only £321.81 per month

      From 100Mbps to 10Gbps installed within 90 days.


      Virtual and Dedicated Servers available

      Custom built to meet your requirements.